[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit
[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

[Group Buy] Cary Works Magnum65 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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GB Date: March 29, 20:00 PM EST to April 28, 23:59 PM EST


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  1. This is a "Groupbuy" sale. Upon purchase, you acknowledge that estimated shipping time is Q4 2024,  and delay may occur due to but limited to conditions like: shipping delay introduced by any unforeseeable production issue.
  2. After purchase, you will be charged immediately.
  3. Due to the nature of "Groupbuy" sale that we will start to arrange production immediately after sale conclude, we generally do not allow cancellation. If you do need to cancel before GB ends, we review requests on a case-by-case basis at our discretion. If cancellation is accepted, a 3% payment processing fee will be withheld on refund.
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  5. This is a keyboard kit and does not come with switches and keycaps.

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The Magnum 65 is a unique keyboard brought to you by CaryWorks which is inspired by the "Magnum" revolver. Magnum65 is a 65% dual-mode Bluetooth keyboard comprising of 40+ components and featuring a gasket structure.

We are aware of the traction and massive interest in this keyboard and we are delighted to be able to bring it to the international market!   


The Magnum 65 as the name suggests is inspired by the theme of the classic revolver. The revolver cylinder is not purely for looks, it is a piece of engineering art! The cylinder is redesigned into the weight, consisting of 11 components and 8 connectors, retaining the cylinder's ability to rotate; coupled with the detachable bullets, capturing the essence of its rotating motion.


The revolver's quick change magazine is added on the side of the keyboard as an accent, consisting of a base and 6 bullets, making it a beauty from all angles.

Structure & Components

The design overview of the Magnum 65:

●   The design theme revolves around the revolver, featuring a unique ratchet structure for the cylinder counterweight and a side-mounted magazine design.
●   Incorporates a Gasket structure with silicone cushioning and spring positioning plate for a softer keystroke feel. The exterior boasts a screw-less design.
●   Supports 4-channel Bluetooth, enabling connection to 4 devices with rapid switching capability.
●   Features an RGB indicator light array.

What the Magnum 65 kit includes:

●   Upper case;
●   Plate;
●   Base;
●   Side-mounted magazine (with 6 bullets);
●   Battery, battery cover plate,
●   Badge;
●   Distributed silicone grains for indicator lights (4 pieces);
●   Foot pads (4 sets of 2).

●   Base;
●   Cylinder;
●   Bearings;
●   Spring plates;
●   Bullets (6);
●   Bullet securing rubber rings;
Locking mechanism.

●   Bluetooth dual-mode PCB;
●   Power board;
●   Lighting board;
●   Aluminum alloy spring structure plate;
●   Poron switch spacer;
●   IXPE switch shims;
●   Case Foam



MAGNUM 65 is a dual-mode keyboard that supports 4-channel Bluetooth connections. The current pairing and battery status can be quickly determined through indicator lights.

●   Battery Indications: 
 FN + P: Displays the current remaining battery level.

 Low battery warning: Red flashing indicates low battery when the battery is insufficient.

●   Charging indicator:
Upon connection, it automatically enters charging mode, displaying the charging indicator light effect.

●   Bluetooth pairing:
Long press FN + Z/X/C/V to respectively pair with Bluetooth channels #1, #2, #3, #4. The corresponding indicator light flashes blue until pairing is successful.

●   Bluetooth connection:
Short press FN + Z/X/C/V to respectively connect to Bluetooth channels #1, #2, #3, #4. The corresponding indicator light flashes green until the connection is successful.

●   Normal mode:
RGB enabled, with various preset RGB effects and monochrome effects (colors can be customized via VIA).
RGB disabled, all lighting groups turned off.
*The above lighting effects will override the normal RGB effects.


The initial release includes three colors: Desert Yellow, Moonlight Silver, and Shadow Black.

Desert Yellow applies a spray painting process, while Moonlight Silver and Shadow Black apply an anodizing process.


Desert Yellow - Spray Painted

Moonlight Silver - Anodized

Nightshade Black - Anodized

Additional Photos:


To stay within the "military" theme, a military-style case has been designed. The aluminum portable case houses the Magnum 65 in a "laying down" configuration with the lower section of the case acting as the storage unit for the accessory pack which will be used to store keycaps.



Q: Can the left wheel behind the kit move?
A: The magazine wheel at the back is designed to be movable. It achieves a ratchet effect through customized pawls and bearings, allowing for a unidirectional tactile rotation.

Q: Are the kit colors fixed combinations?
A: The official configurations will be fixed, but participants in the pre-order group can additionally purchase counterweights for the left wheel and side magazines.

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