Vertex Angle Production Updates

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Last update: 2022/04/27

This production report is only valid for ClickClack's Vertex Angle GB;

The content of the report will be updated regularly with production progress.

CNC (including Surface Treatment)



^ Production PVD SS weights

  • PVD SS Weights went to production phase. We are happy with the outcome.
  • Compared with prototypes, the production version's mirror surface is improved by leveraging better polishing technic.
  • PVD SS yield rate is similar to R1.
  • Minor issue of over polish on some reworked parts and have informed manu

  • Completed CNC for over 50% of cases. Surface treatment in process.
  • We have received some anodized cases (final product level) and they look more beautiful than R1.
  • Coatings will start on May



^^^ Pre-production Sand-Blasted Brass Weights

We tested two way of coating brass weight:

  1. S1: thick clear coating. With better anti-oxidation protection but will make the weight looks dull and excessive coating may accumulate around edges of cuts.
  2. S2: thin clear coating. With less anti-oxidation protection but show sand-blasted effect better and less coating accumulate around edges. More importantly, it keeps the metallic appearance better than S1.


  1. Difference of S1 and S2 is thickness of coating. However, oxidation of brass cannot be eliminated completely even with thick coating. We are happy with the manufacturer's brass coating solution. 
  2. We were using 58% Cu Alloy for pre-production. And in production, 62% Cu Alloy will be used for better appearance.
  3. We have chosen S2 solution for production.


  1. All brass raw material received stress-relieve treatment.
  2. To minimize oxidation, brass weight production will be done in the end of production cycle.


  • Mass production has started;
  • In the process of mass production, we will repeatedly verify the stability of materials, the reliability of structural parts and effectiveness of assembly through staged production to ensure all Angle are delivered to you as soon as possible;
  • During these couple weeks, we have also made some adjustments and optimizations in the production process;
  • After testing, we found that the plate will lose some of its "flex" due to the added powder coating on the aluminum plate. Angle’s Leaf Spring structure around the aluminum plate will deform when typing. Elasticity of metal material can be impacted by the powder coating. We decided to change the original coating aluminum plate to anodized aluminum plate. The plate color changes are as follows (ONLY applicable to coating plate, NO change on case):
    • Venus: coated sesame gray→dark gray anodized aluminum
    • Acorn: coated brown→black anodized aluminum
    • Rock: Coated Cold Gray→Dark Gray Anodized Aluminum
    • Lolo: Coated Green→Light Gray Anodized Aluminum
    • Starry: Coated Flash Black→Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Optimized the position of the hanging point to minimize its appearance inside of the case;
  • Addressed the issue of residual acid in the screw holes during the anodizing process;
  • Adjusted the positioning of internals: lowered the internals by 0.15mm to increase the offset between keycap and keyboard edge.

PCB and Firmware


  • PCB pre-production started
  • Pending QMK merge


  • PCB sample received. Tested daughter board connection, firmware and LED.
  • Added full VIA support with different layouts


  • Redesigned circuit layout of the PCB to improve stability and reliability;

  • Optimized the corner arc of PCB arc to provide better restriction of internals;

  • A SMD RGB LED will be added to the ESC key, which can be turn on/off and utilize lighting effects;

  • Improved the diodes packaging to prevent them from falling off;

  • The USBASP interface is added in this PCB, which will make testing and debugging process more convenient;

  • Native QMK and VIA support are planned in April and are expected to have PRs merged before delivery.

Accessories and Packaging


  • Packages production have started, ETA end of April


  • Redesigned the serial number cards and specification stickers in the packaging, and also plan to give more instruction labeling for accessories.

  • At present, the packaging has been proofed, and some optimization items and problems will be solved during mass production;

  • Re-selected the silicone material of corner pieces (used to restrict internals) to improve assembly experience;