Red Velvet

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Design Inspiration By Desingner

Red velvet cake is a traditional dessert originating in the southern United States. It is loved worldwide for its unique taste and bright color.

There are many versions about the story of the birth of the red velvet cake, but the best known is that it was introduced by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in the 1920s. The reason, according to legend, was that a customer who ate at the restaurant did not have enough money to pay the bill, so he paid for it with a dessert recipe that described red velvet cake.

The most popular story about the red velvet cake is a piece of gossip. A woman who stayed at the Waldorf Astoria fell in love with the red velvet cake. Still missing it after she left, she wrote to the hotel asking for a recipe. Surprisingly, the hotel quickly responded with a recipe for a red velvet cake. The lady's joy did not last long, however. Soon after, she received a hefty bill from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and it turned out the recipe wasn't free after all. In a fit of rage, the woman published the recipe and put the red velvet cake on the map.

Although the red velvet cake can be found everywhere today, it is still a celebrity in dessert circles. In the 1989 Hollywood film "Steel Magnolias," the popular dessert had a starring role. Jessica Simpson also made a layered red velvet cake her wedding cake.Regardless of which version is true, red velvet cake has become a popular dessert, especially in Western countries.

Are you like me! Can’t resist the sweetness of red velvet cake? Then, our latest red velvet themed keycaps will definitely make you fall in love with it! With the magenta of red velvet cake and the purple of cherries as the main colors, paired with the milky white of cheese cream, each novel is a unique sweet design. Various types of red velvet cakes are subtly integrated into the keycap design, making your keyboard full of sweetness and romance instantly!

As a dessert, red velvet cake has a profound design concept behind it. It is not only delicious, but also an art. The color and texture of the red velvet cake are the result of careful selection and matching by designers, and each red velvet cake has its own unique story behind it.


Red Velvet

Our red velvet cake theme keycaps continue this design concept, perfectly integrating the sweetness and art of red velvet cake into the keycap design. We adopt the most popular silhouette design style, which is simple and elegant. This design style can make the keycap more beautiful and more in line with your individual needs.   



The “Red Velvet” keycap is designed by Zero-G Studio and manufactured by Domikey.


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