Vertex Angle

Know the angles. Play the angles.

Welcome to the Vertex Angle TKL Page

Group Buy Ended 02/27/2022

Form Factor

Angle supports both F12 and F3 Layout. Both layouts have options for WKL and WK. To minimize the impact on typing sound and potential loosen stabilizers/switch installation introduced by bigger openings on Left Shift and Enter keys, Angle will have ANSI and ISO as different options.

Vertex Angle

Perspective is Everything

Good design is open to interpretation and perspective is everything. Angle aims to capture the very essence of a typing machine with precision and simplicity.


Right above the arrow keys, a moonstone is embedded. Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminium silicate of the feldspar group that displays a pearly and opalescent schiller.

The visual effect of a moonstone is very subtle and will only reveal from a particular angle. It is a symbol of Angle design. Because Vertex believes your typing experience should not be disturbed.

Angled bottom case made the lower edge thinner, which introduced challenges to add weight. This was overcomed by adding visual compensation on the bottom of weight with Vertex Logo on the lower right of weight.

Design is in the details. Vertex was founded on 03/05/2020, 庚子惊蛰 in Chinese Solar Calendar, which is engraved on the inner weight.

8 degrees, based on experiments and research, is the most ergonomic angle for typing on average.

Side view is progressive and dynamic.

Dynamic sculpture with harmonious proportions.

Mounting structure

Leaf Spring Structure

Clicky yet comfortable, firm but gentle, is what you would feel when typing with Angle’s Leaf Spring Structure.

Special Foams are added to absorb the vibrations from the Leaf Spring and improve the stability of the keyboard while typing fast.

Silicon Pad is added to make PCB better fit in the space and more tightly aligned with surrounding parts.

Silicon Pad also helps balance out the structural differences between central area and corners, so the typing experience is more consistent overall.

In order to provide uniform softness, Flex Cuts are introduced throughout the inner parts from Plates, Silicon Pad to PCB.

Custom designed PET-Coated Poron Foams are added to prevent damages from leaf spring overload.

More vertical space is reserved for leaf spring.

PCB Design

- Soldering only
- USB Type-C Port
- 1.2mm Thickness
- QMK & VIA Support

- No built-in RGB Leds (however there are slots for Led for Caps Lock and Scroll Lock)



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