By Pixelspace

 This is a keyboard from our old friend -- Pixelspace Studio. It has been over a year since the last Capsule IC. Pixelspace studio has been established for 3 years now. Thank you all for your continued support and love. Today we want to introduce to you the latest 80% keyboard project - the "Shadow".



A dual color design was decided for this project-the main case colors are contrasted by the secondary color which is in the weight as well as the midframe, which can be seen on all sides, as well as a protrusion at the front and back.



In the badge and the back and bottom weight badge of the keyboard, we tried to deviate from the traditional of exposing light features directly. Instead, the light is diffused through subtle peeks to create a more ambient feel.


The gasket leaf spring mounting style is still applied, but this time the silicone gaskets have been replaced by gasket socks, with improved rounded tab shape as well.


PCB has two options, hotswap and soldered, both use QMK firmware and are VIA compatible. It's a uncut standard 1.6mm PCB or Flex-cut 1.2 mm PCB.

Hotswap PCB

Soldered PCB

Explored View

Kit Information

 Materials: 6063 aluminium case - weight, badge and midframe are aluminium/stainless steel depending on configuration chosen.

Layout: F13 TKL (80%), WK/WKL options offered

Mount: Gasket mount (gasket socks)

Plate material: PC, FR4, aluminium

PCB: 1.6mm non-flex cut/1.2mm flex cut, no LED underglow or RGB, both have soldered and hotswap versions with different layout supports

Foam: poron case foam, poron plate foam, PE foam

Typing angle: 6.5°

Front height: 18mm (first height 15mm for the protruding midframe)

All Aluminum Version

- weight, badge, midframe, case all 6063 aluminium

Stainless Steel Version

- weight, badge, midframe stainless steel, case 6063 aluminium


Silver with silver PVD


Purple with black PVD


Gray with black PVD


Red with black PVD


Yellow with black PVD


Cream with silver PVD


Starry night with chroma sandblasted finish


Starry night with black PVD


Ice Crystal

Limited Version

Will post more details soon


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