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How to place your Spectacle60 Groupbuy order

1. First choose your top case color and bottom case color. ❗All colors are anodized. The bottom case has one more option -- Brass, which can't select colors but the primary color.

2. Select the Layout and PCB. The default Plate is PC Plate.

3.❗ If you purchased extra add-ons, remember to purchase them with your keyboard order. 

GB start time is 04/30/2023 12:00 EST
GB end time is 05/28/2023 24:00 EST
This groupbuy will be unlimited!!
Shipping date is estimated to be Q3 2023


Step1: Choose the top case color and bottom case color. Besides the nine colors, bottom case has one more option of brass, and the color will be primary.

Step 1

Layout & PCB

Step2: Choose the Layout and PCB.

Step 2

Extra addons

Step3: You can choose the extra addons you may need. Also you can skip this step, check out directly.

Step 3

Spectacle design is unique, with soft curves on the side profile, which is visually appealing. We hope to create a striking product while maintaining the delicate and gentle design. With the help of existing technology, Spectacle uses 5-axis CNC machining technology to make our imagination a reality.


The gentle curves of the side profile are the main selling point of Spectacle. This appearance is achieved through the use of 5-axis CNC machining technology.

Another highlight of this kit is the extensive color selection and matching options. We have provided separate color options for the top and bottom cases, allowing users to freely mix and match.
Color options: Grey; Purple; Silver; Wine Red; Blue; Chinese Red; Black; Pink


Given the extremely minimalist design of the keyboard, we do not want any exposed screws on the exterior to break this ultimate simplicity. Therefore, we have designed a screw-less structure that secures the bottom cover from the inside of the keyboard.


The mount chosen for this keyboard is a standard gasket mount, however this uses gasket socks, for ease and precision of placement of the gaskets onto the plate tabs. These gasket socks are thinner on the top and thicker on the bottom to try to optimise sound and feel at the same time~

Layout & PCB

PCB has four options, all use QMK firmware and are VIA compatible:

Soldered or Hotswap; Non-flex cut or cut version

All the PCBs will support the following layouts.


► Materials: 6063 aluminium top and bottom case
► Layout: 60%
► Mount: Gasket mount (thinner on top, thicker on bottom)
► Plate material: PC, optional alu and FR4
► Typing angle: 6°
► Front height: 18.99mm
► Foam: optional foam offered: 3.5mm poron foam, 0.5mm switch pad, 2mm case foam, 2mm pcb foam


We allowe users to freely mix and match. Below are some of the color combinations we have selected that we think are particularly good:

Black - Red

Grey - Red

Wine Red - Black

Blue - Pink

Silver - Red

Silver - Blue

All Pruple


1. 2023.04.27 Add Green color and Brass Bottom into the options.


Estimated pricing for different versions as follow:
- Package (standard): $219
- Brass Version: $369
- Optional:
└ FR4 Plate: $15
└ Aluminum Plate: $15
└ POM Plate: $15
└ Additional PCB: $39 (including accessory package)
└ Brass bottom: $180

GB start at 04/30/2023.

It's unlimied.


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