By Helix Lab


By Helix Lab


Aaru65, codenamed Aten, is a project inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology.



Add-ons for Aaru65, please order with the keyboard!


Welcome back to another ClickClack-run project! This time we’re delighted to introduce a collaboration with Helix Lab – the Aaru65, codenamed Aten! It’s a project inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology.

Driver and Firmware: https://taplink.cc/helixlab


The embossment on the Aaru65 continues after the Aaru TKL and Ankh Numpad projects as well, this time embossing the 6th and 7th row of the Rosetta Stone onto the keyboard.

The dung beetle’s rolling of dungballs has a symbolic likeness to the sun god Ra, who rolled the sun across the sky.


The board is named “Aten”, the name of the disk of the Sun in ancient Egyptian. The weight is surface treated with PVD coated and mirror polished. Two different weight designs will be offered to choose from in the GB.


The weight and slider cap for this board are designed around the Egyptian Scarab, the dung beetle, a famous figure that has featured a lot within Egyptian culture and mythology. Its popularity comes from the dung beetle’s rolling of dungballs that had a symbolic likeness to the sun god Ra, who rolled the sun across the sky.


► Materials: Aluminum Case and Brass Weight with multi surface processes
► Layout: 65% ANSI and ISO
► Plate material: Aluminum
► Mount: Gasket Mount
► PCB: QMK-based, VIA-compatible

► Hotswap with per-key RGB underglow
► Soldered with ISO, Split Backspace, 7U Space and Split Shift Support
► Typing angle: 6°
► Front Height: 20.5mm
► Package Size: 385x155x75mm

The back side, where the type-C port is located, consists of two frames, decorated uniquely. The upper one is engraved with the same hieroglyphs as on the Aaru TKL – a nod to our old project. The lower bar is PVD coated, with an engraved "Aaru" logo.


Aaru65 uses a gasket mount, using custom-made silicon foam and pre-cut holes to align the plate as well as mitigate sideways movement.


PCB has two option, both use QMK firmware and are VIA compatible


└ Hotswap: ANSI layout, 6.25u spacebar, per-key RGB, supports SignalRGB (https://signalrgb.com/)


└ Soldered: ANSI and ISO layouts, split backspace and left shift support, stepped caps support, 7u spacebar support


The slider module, in the top right of the keyboard, transmits MIDI input, so by default it controls volume. With additional software, it transmits data through channel 1 and cc0 by default and can be programmed through the software – more on how to use and customize the sliders will be included in the product manual. (N.B. slider volume control is not natively supported on Mac; however other functions may be possible to program for Mac.)


There will be two editions:
└ Standard Edition: with embossed hieroglyphs on the top case
└ Divine Edition: with double-anodized hieroglyphs on the top case in gold color


► Standard Edition - Wildcard (Random Mystery Colors)

► Divine Edition - Wildcard (Random Mystery Colors)


Estimated pricing for different versions as follow:

Standard Edition: ~$430
Wildcard Standard Edition: ~$485
Divine Edition: ~$580
Wildcard Divine Edition: ~$640

Estimated pricing subject to change and finalized pricing will be available before GB.

We are looking to start GB by the end of December 2022.

Most likely yes.


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