NESON 700E Production Updates

Last update: 2022/12/07

This production report is only valid for ClickClack's NESON 700E GB;

The content of the report will be updated regularly with production progress.


Currently NESON is packing 700Es for our players. Will try the best to pack them and send to ClickClack's warehouse by the end of this month.


700Es are CNC Parts are arriving at NESON's warehouse.

Next: QC and accessories are arriving.


  • PVD weights are arriving. All PVD Brass weight will be upgraded to PVD Stainless Steel to improve production yield rate and ensure on time fulfillment


Currently all in CNC, and the plate, brass external weight, and some of the accessories are being machined


The mid layer, bottom case, standard weights, standard plates, are being machined in succession