JDA The Moon

By SouthHeart

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JDA The Moon

This set is inspired by different colors of the moon and the night sky. Due to Covid lockdown, the moon has become my best friend at night and I wanted to create something for her.

Keycap Specs

- JDA Profile
- Dyesub PBT Plastic
- Set contains 163 keycaps and include regular Base and Novelties
- MX compatible

What's Included

- 163 JDA Profile Keycaps
- Premium ABS keycap organizer with 2 trays
- Drunken Ink Package Box

White Moon

The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.

Blood Moon

Heavy is the moon with blood, crimson in a sky full of black.

Blue Moon

We lose ourselves in the dance of the moon, the darkening sky.


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