By Golden Thread Studio

Crane80 Keyboard



Introducing the Crane80, a unique keyboard with the Collision of Traditional Craft and Chinese Elements, designed by Fried Head from the "Golden Thread Studio".

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  • oriental aesthetic theme
  • The high gloss chamfer.
  • exquisite and interesting
    cloisonné enamel



In many design schemes, only the high-gloss inner chamfer on the front of the keyboard and the logo above the arrow keys are retained. The golden high-gloss chamfer makes the overall visual effect more three-dimensional. The small crane head is integrated with the engraved and intaglio crane feathers. It becomes a particular visual focus, echoes the enamel on the back, and is more concise.


On the side, our design is inspired by the "corner cornices" of ancient Chinese buildings. Use a sizeable S-shaped curvature arc line to express the agility of this theme. Although such a curve will increase costs, we still add this brilliant and round arc to the design. This arc also adds a light and playful feel to the keyboard. At the same time, to echo the golden lines on the back, we use the coloring process to express the golden lines on the side.


We use the "round sky and place" in Chinese architecture as an idea to realize the square and circle in shape. Unlike the design on the side of the keyboard, the design on the back pursues a sharp, symmetrical, and soft visual perception. Wide and straight, round and full visual perception, this design idea fits the overall style very well, making the whole look harmonious and natural.

Enamel disc

The enamel disc is the highlight of this work. The enamel disc leaning on the red sun combines landscape and cloud patterns. It appropriates the unique graceful curves of this demure and agile auspicious beast to this work. We chose the "Crane" as the design theme and used the complicated process of manual cloisonné enamel to realize the graceful figure of the "Crane,” to realize "Crane" standing at the forefront of the head of the tide.


Because each piece of enamel disc is hand- cloisonné and slightly different, so each piece is unique and cannot be copied.


The slotting method uses five horizontal slots to separate each row of keys separately, but there are connections between the second and third rows and the fourth and fifth rows. This approach achieves sound consistency without losing the soft touch. We used 10-degree silicone to get as balanced a feel as possible.

PCB and Layouts


1.2mm black core PCB, the sound performance is more concentrated, full, and powerful.


Case Foam: 2.8mm, 15-degree

Plate Foam: 3.5mm, 20-degree

PE Foam: 8*EVA

Masking paper:

Masking tape sheet has a more noticeable effect on sound optimization. For this reason, we customized the masking tape sheet to enrich the buyer's sound choice. This addition also protects the PCB to a certain extent. Buyers can choose to use it or not.

Hotswap PCB

Soldered PCB


· Typing angle: 8°
· Front Height: 20.6mm
· Keyboard Weight: approximately 2.2kg
· Dimensions: 362.6mmX144.2mmX39.2mm
· Mount: Gasket+Leaf Spring
· Surface treatment: Electrophoresis, Anodized or Double-anodized


► Top and bottom case: Aluminum
► Weigth(4 parts)
► Hotswap PCB * 1
► PC Plate * 1
► DB and JST cable * 1
► Tweezer * 1
► Screwdriver * 1

► Plate foam * 1
► PE Foam * 1
► Case foam * 1
► Gaskets * 1
► Masking Paper * 1
► Screws
► Bumpons


We provide different PCBs and Plates to order with the Crane80.
Hotswap PCB
Soldered PCB

Bright Red

Ivory White

Deep Black



Status Updates

2023/4/24: Fixed the Picture of Soldered Layout.