GEHIRN is a F12 TKL design with dual mount system that pays tribute to the enigmatic and formidable presence of most notorious extraterrestrial beings. With every element crafted to evoke the eerie essence of these legendary creatures, the keyboard stands as a monument to the chilling beauty found in the depths of the cosmos.

The detailed skeletal emblem at its heart is a nod to the spine-chilling anatomy of a sci-fi horror, embedded within a chassis whose color scheme mirrors the cold, metallic interiors of a distant starship. Typing on the GEHIRN is not just an act of input; it's an interactive experience with a theme that resonates with the pulse of a suspenseful, interstellar saga. This keyboard is a gateway to the Gehirn's domain, where every click is a step taken in the vast and thrilling expanse of the science fiction universe.

Invisible screws

Baionbolt angled hidden screw system

Dual Mount System

Classic 9 point top mount

perfectly anodized

5 Colorways to choose from

  • Blade (Silver)
  • Monolith (Gray)
  • Biomass (Purple)
  • Brain (Pink)
  • Puke (Green)


  • 9° Typing Angle
  • 17.5mm Front Height

H87C compatible with No Daughterboard

PCB of your Choice

  • Soldered
  • ANSI Hotswap
  • ISO Hotswap