Vertex Arc60

Arc60 is available in batches starting from Dec 2022. This is the last batch , it will start at 2023/09/15 20:00 EST

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iFoam Pro Max Kit must be purchased with Keyboard Kit.

Hi all, welcome back to another ClickClack Groupbuy! From one of the studios who we’ve worked with before, Vertex, we’re pleased to present their next project Arc60 – a stylish 60% designed around another Geometry concept as always. We hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we do! Without further ado, we would like to introduce Lolo, Vertex's co-founder, to tell you more about Arc60.


At the beginning of Arc60 project, the ideology was to create a more elegant and fluid keyboard design, compare to Angle, and yet something that would have a simplistic look to it as well.

We believe the concept that: The construction of all complex shapes can be achieved by the underlying basic geometry.

So, was it possible to achieve arcs and curves using the underlying geometry?

We got the inspiration from the Iris Folding Origami Technique. In Iris Folding, one can create an arc by transforming a triangle. This can be related to the structural lines of the surface drawn in the design modelling.

We endeavoured to make the keyboard fluid curves to be visible on different angle, which provides more dynamically connected appearance, instead of restricting those in single plane.

The "waistline" of the bottom-case gives the keyboard a lighter feel.

Less is more. During the design process, we were afraid that the curved elements would be used too frequently on the board, so after finalizing the overall shape, we optimized the curvature, spacing, parameters and some other details of the design, and also circumvented some difficulties in production processes. And like the Angle TKL design philosophy, we chose to leave many of the finishing touches on the inside of the keyboard.


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