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Aeroboard70 Keyboard Kit


Aeroboard70 Add-ons


Since the launch of AXE60, S61 has been patiently designing and modifying new keyboards while also thinking about how to make his design serve more players.

After careful consideration, S61 has decided to split the style into two main branches, where the Nordic mythological style of AXE will continue and the other is in sci-fi style.

The AeroBoard70 is part of sci-fi series.

More Building Details

Aeroboard70 inside detail

PET film is required when mounting without any poron or paper

Different PCB choice makes your love typing sound

The correct installation position according to the height of gasket blocks


Inspired by the hard straight lines and grid elements from sci-fi vehicles and electronic products. "Aeroboard" is derived from the meaning of "aeroboat" to express a sci-fi looking of hybrid spacecraft.

Your choice of Gasket hardness

Two kinds of hardness silicone are provided to further enhance the playability. The dark gray silicon is harder.

Leaf-spring tabs are in staggered positions on the edge of plate and PCB. at least four kinds of mount can be chosen, adjust according to your preferences.

HA 50 or 40 Dual-leaf Mount

HA 50&40 Dual-leaf Mount

PCB-leaf Mount

Plate-leaf Mount

Stabilizer Quick Mount

You can customize with ease! Aeroboard70 has a stabilizer quick disassemble Plate design. You can switch stabilizer without disassemble the internal.

Highly symmetrical appearence in WKL layout accompanied by a subtle PVD SS decoration bar

RGB Ambient light strip inspired by spaceship thruster covered by tempered glass

QMK + VIA compatible

Hotswap PCB

  • Stepped Caps Lock
  • Splittable Space (7U=3U+1U+3U)
  • Symmetrical WKL

Coating Version

Lemon Yellow

Warm White

Cool Grey

Misty Blue

Wrist Rest

Color Chart

The order is yellow, gray, white, blue, silver, raw color.


Lemon Yellow

Warm White

Cool Grey

Misty Blue



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