New Release and Restock

    New release of in-stock products and restock of highly demand products from Click Clack!


    All Blueberry units ship with the custom-designed Blueberry Flex PCB. The Blueberry Flex PCB features an elegant, navy blue solder mask as well as flex cuts between the rows of the PCB to help achieve a softer typing experience with flexibility in mind. The surface utilizes a premium Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) finish, resulting in a flat surface of gold covering the switch pads, which allows for more consistent and reliable soldering, significantly less warping and improved thermal durability.

    Badge and Weight Design

    The Blueberry includes an elegant blue mirror finish provided by a unique PVD coating process, enhancing the visual aesthetic of the badge and weight. Possessing a superior surface finish, it exhibits significantly improved corrosion resistance, durability and abrasion resistance without requiring a protective topcoat.

    Top and Bottom Shell Design

    The Blueberry borrows certain aspects of its aesthetic from a number of popular boards and is sold with a very rare yet sought after feature - a frosted, CNC polycarbonate bottom. This results in an illuminated, glowing bottom while maintaining the board's modest yet detailed design.
    The gasket locations are located between the top and bottom shells, making installation and removal significantly easier. Instead of having to place gaskets on individual mounting points, gaskets can be placed in slots supplied in the bottom and top cases for a considerably more user-friendly experience.