27" 5K 60Hz IPS Display

218ppi, more details

While most displays max out at around 150 pixels per inch (ppi), our Kuycon G27X display has 218 ppi and 147M pixels, providing more details on your screen. 218ppi is the same as on a 6K 32" display, meaning more than just a better-quality image.

Colorful, yet brighter

DCI-P3 99% Wide color gamut ensures that you get the highest-quality color possible. With true 8-bit color (10-bit using FRC), Kuycon G27X can produce over a billion colors.

HDR-600 Peak brightness of 600 nits gives you superb contrast with brighter hues, darker shades and greater color depth results in vibrant, lifelike images that pop on screen.

Wider viewing-angle, less refelection, less fingerprints

Coated with anti-reflection layer and anti-fingerprints layer, you will have cleaner display and less glare. With Advanced True Wide Polarizer, Kuycon G27X can minimized angle color distortion to achieve a very wider viewing angle and display quality.

Aluminum Enclosure

The all-CNC aluminum enclosure has many advantages. The aluminum enclosure has a better heat conduction than a plastic one, thus resulting in faster cooling, enabling the Kuycon G27X to sustain a high level of brightness indefinitely. The anodised and sandblasted surface looks and feels very clean and classy as well.

Height, tilt and rotation

Kuycon G27X considers different types of work in mind. With optional height adjustable stand, display's height, tilt and rotation are completely adjustable. It can rotate to landscape or portrait as well, making it perfect for different workplaces.

VESA Compatiable

Kuycon G27X come with a removable bracket and VESA™ 100mmx100mm mount adapter. The VESA mount adapter attaches to the display in a matter of seconds for quick and easy mounting.

Productivity Connections

G27X has powerful and versatile ports. Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB Type C) Port can support 5K video, audio, data and charge your laptop at 100 watt Power Delivery in single connection. Additionally, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, 3.5mm Aux and two USB Type-C hub ports are available to support your productivity.


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