27" 5K 60Hz IPS Display

218ppi, more details

While most displays max out at around 150 pixels per inch (ppi), our Kuycon G27P display has 218 ppi and 147M pixels, providing more details on your screen. 218ppi is the same as on a 6K 32" display, meaning more than just a better-quality image.

All-Aluminum Alloy Body with Honeycomb Cooling Backplate

The G27P utilizes a customized aluminum alloy body with specifically designed internal airflow layout, featuring circular perforations on the aluminum metal grid and an embedded dust screen, allowing for maximum heat exchange and superior heat dissipation performance, while effectively preventing dust accumulation.

10-bit High Color Accuracy and Quality 99% sRGB 99% P3

99% DCI-P3 Cinema-grade Color Gamut for Richer and More Natural Color Transitions. Excellent for Video Editing, Color Grading, 3D Rendering, Productivity, and Entertainment.

5K vs 4K: The Debate over High Resolution and Visual Quality

Although 5K seems to have a 1K advantage over 4K, the actual difference in pixel count between 14.7 million and 8.29 million is significant. This translates to a pixel density of 218 ppi, meeting the standard for Retina displays on Macs and providing superior native support on macOS.

Lighter and thinner at just 1.9cm and 5.2kg

with a sleek design that offers a bare-metal texture and a superb unencumbered user experience

Eye Protection: Blue Light and Glare Defense with ATW Phase Film Compensation Technology

Compared to non-ATW options, when viewing the screen at wide angles, ATW film can reduce glare effects by approximately 80% while also minimizing IPS Glow leakage.

Full interface supports 10-bit input with 100W reverse charging capability

Equipped with various interfaces including USB-C DSC, DP1.4 DSC, HDMI2.1 FRL, it supports versatile device connectivity and is compatible with the latest Mac devices using Thunderbolt 4 DSC compression streaming protocol.


    Kuycon G27P Monitor