Vertex Angle TKL - Venus
Vertex Angle TKL - Venus
Vertex Angle TKL - Venus
Vertex Angle TKL - Venus

Vertex Angle TKL - Venus

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  • This is a Groupbuy or Preorder product. Upon purchase, you acknowledge that estimate shipping time is Q3 2022 and delay may occur. You will be charged immediately.
  • There are no refunds or cancellations for this order.
  • This is a keyboard kit and does not come with switches and keycaps.

Angle is a TKL/80% custom keyboard kit designed by the beloved Chinese custom keyboard shop - Vertex Studio. They have spent over a year polishing the design to perfect every single aspect of Angle. With Angle R1's overwhelmingly high demand in the Chinese custom keyboard community, we are thrilled to collaborate with Vertex and bring Angle to the international market. Vertex made many improvements and also adopted feedback from the international community for the Angle R2/International version.


We are collaborating with China's No.1 Customize Keyboard Studio Matrix Lab to bring their premium coating technology to Angle. 

This product is Venus Coating Colorway: Coating Warm Gray (or bone white).


ANSI - F12/F13 + WK/WKL

ANSI Layout

ISO - F12/F13 + WK/WKL

ISO Layout

Weight Options

  • Matte Black/Gold Aluminum (Only available for Lunar/Crow)
  • Sandblasted Brass
  • PVD Gunmetal/Black Stainless Steel

Plate Options

Included Plate

  • Aluminum
  • Half Aluminum
  • PC

Included Aluminum and Half Aluminum Plate Color are chosen by Vertex with the best aesthetics and cannot be changed. PC version is in Brown color.

Extra Plate

Purchase Link

  • Aluminum (Black/Dark Gray/Light Gray/Red): $40
  • Half Aluminum (Black/Dark Gray/Light Gray/Red): $40
  • PC (Brown): $40
  • FR4: $30
  • PVD Brass (Black): $65


Vertex Angle PCB supports all 8 layouts. You may also purchase Extra PCB from here.

Customized Internal Badge

The default badge is engraved with:


Internal Badges

You may pay extra to customize these badges with your text at here.

Estimate fulfillment date

Q3 2022

Questions? Please read FAQ section below and join our Discord for fastest project updates.

Typing angle:

Mount: Leaf Spring with Foam Gasket

Front height: 20.5mm (include feet)


- F13 - WKL - ANSI
- F13 - WK - ANSI
- F12 - WKL - ANSI
- F12 - WK - ANSI
- F13 - WKL - ISO
- F13 - WK - ISO
- F12 - WKL - ISO
- F12 - WK - ISO


- Case: Anodized or Coated 6063-T5 Aluminum
- Weight: Anodized 6063-T5 Aluminum/Sandblasted Brass/PVD Stainless Steel
- Internal Badge: PVD Stainless Steel
- Daughter Board Cover: PVD Brass

Unbuilt Keyboard Weight:

- With Aluminum Weight: ~1.7kg
- With Sandblasted Brass Weight: ~2.5kg
- With PVD Stainless Steel Weight: ~2.3kg


- Aluminum: 320g±10g
- Sandblasted Brass: 1030g±10g
- PVD Stainless Steel: 960g±10g

Keyboard Size: 362mm x 137mm x 36mm

- Case x 1 (Set)
- Weight x 1 (Piece)
- PVD Stainless Steel Internal Badge x 2 (Piece)
- PVD Brass Daughterboard Cover x 1 (Piece)
- Plate x 1 (Piece)
- PCB x 1 (Piece)
- ai03 Unified Daughterboard x 1 (Piece)
- 3.7mm PORON Pad x 1 (Piece)
- Foam Gasket (4x9mm) x 2 (Set)
- Foam Gasket (2x5mm) x 2 (Set)
- Silicon Feet x 6 (Piece)
- Silicon Corner Piece x 6 (Piece)
- ESD Protection Sheet x 1 (Piece)
- Switch Muting CR Foam Sheet x 1 (Piece)
- Vertex Stabilizer Shim x 1 (Wafer)
- Tools and Screws x many

Estimated Shipping Time: Q3 2022

Keyboard Package Size: 440mm x 200mm x 115mm

Shipped Weight: 5kg - 6kg

Shipping Rate:

- Korea: $0
- Vietnam: $25
- Japan/HK: $29
- PH/SG/TH/TW: $49
- UAE/SA: $54
- Australia: $59
- USA/GB/DE/FR: $69
- Rest of World: $79

Each keyboard kit will be shipped in its own shipping box.

As pandemic greatly increased the international shipping cost, we work with a group of shipping partners in China to optimize our delivery cost globally. They will choose the regional shipping partner based on real time shipping cost quote, which means the delivery company would be different over time. So we can’t say for sure at this point which local shipping company will handle your package.

We pay the import tax through them, and whenever possible our shipping partners would clear customs for the recipient.

We are not making any profit from the shipping.

Q: Is XXX Layout available for XXX colorway?
A: Yes, you can choose any of 8 layouts for every colorway. Annotations on product image are for information only.

Q: Why I can not select Aluminum Weight for XXX Color?
A: Matte Aluminum Weights are only available for Lunar/Crow ways.

Q: Why I cannot choose FR4/Brass Plate?
A: FR4/Brass plates are only available as Extra Plate. You can purchase them at PVD Brass Plate and FR4 Plate

Q: Are we able to order extra weights?
A: Sorry, weights are only available with board.

Q: Does Angle PCB compatible with Mill Max sockets?
A: Yes, Angle can be mill maxed. Noted that for the typing feel, Angle is using a 1.2mm PCB compare to regular 1.6mm PCB.

Q: Why R1's Bianco/E-white is not supported?
A: Bianco is e-white and it is using another coloring technology (electrophoresis). Adding additional coloring technology will greatly increase the difficulty of production.

Q: If I buy Extra Angle PCB, does it come with another daughterboard?
A: Unfortunately, daughterboard can not be purchased separately and does not come with PCB. However, Angle is using ai03 unified daughterboard. You may be able to find an aftermarket version as alternative.

Q: Is this keyboard include a hot-swappable PCB?
A: No, only Soldered. Because Angle leveraged Leaf Spring Structure for enhanced typing feel. Hotswap PCB cannot provide the flex compare to Soldered. However, Vertex Angle can be Mill Maxed, which is an hotswap alternative.

Q: Can I customize the text on internal badge?
A: Yes. Internal Badge is available for customize at here

Q: What are F12 and F13?
A: F13 means an additional F key on the F row at the top of the keyboard. People use it for gaming or artisan keys.

Q: Does Angle PCB support F12 / F13?
A: The default or extra PCB supports all layout.

Q: Will Angle PCB support XXX layout?
A: Angle PCBs supports all 8 layouts.

Q: Is the coating smooth as Anodized?
A: Matrix Lab's coating has a little more texture compare to anodizing.

Q: For the internal custom badge, can I use special characters?
A: Unfortunately, Vertex studio doesn’t allow using special characters for internal badges. Please make sure you limit the number of characters to at most 15 on each badge.

Q: "Add an Extra Pair of badges" means I will get 2 pair of badges?
A: Yes, $49 option will get you an additional pair of badge with your custom text. $35 will be customizing the included badge.

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