Vertex Angle TKL - Lunar - ISO
Vertex Angle TKL - Lunar - ISO
Vertex Angle TKL - Lunar - ISO

Vertex Angle TKL - Lunar - ISO

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  • This is a keyboard kit and does not come with switches and keycaps.

Angle is a TKL/80% custom keyboard kit designed by the beloved Chinese custom keyboard shop - Vertex Studio. They have spent over a year polishing the design to perfect every single aspect of Angle. With Angle R1's overwhelmingly high demand in the Chinese custom keyboard community, we are thrilled to collaborate with Vertex and bring Angle to the international market. Vertex made many improvements and also adopted feedback from the international community for the Angle R2/International version.


This product is Lunar Anodized Colorway: Anodized Silver.


ISO - F12/F13 + WK/WKL

ISO Layout


Please see here.

Weight Options

  • Matte Black/Gold Aluminum (Only available for Lunar/Crow)
  • Sandblasted Brass
  • PVD Gunmetal/Black Stainless Steel

Plate Options

Included Plate

  • Aluminum
  • Half Aluminum
  • PC

Included Aluminum and Half Aluminum Plate Color are chosen by Vertex with the best aesthetics and cannot be changed. PC version is in Brown color.

Extra Plate

Purchase Link

  • Aluminum (Black/Dark Gray/Light Gray/Red): $40
  • Half Aluminum (Black/Dark Gray/Light Gray/Red): $40
  • PC (Brown): $40
  • FR4: $30
  • PVD Brass (Black): $65


Vertex Angle PCB supports all 8 layouts. You may also purchase Extra PCB from here.

Customized Internal Badge

The default badge is engraved with:


Internal Badges

You may pay extra to customize these badges with your text at here.

Estimate fulfillment date

Q3 2022

Questions? Please read FAQ section below and join our Discord for fastest project updates.

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